Monday, 10 March 2008

Spring flowers during March

These photographs were put in a draft on 10th March, and here we are on 3rd April and I'm just getting around to publishing them on my blog! British Summer Time began last Sunday and the clocks went forward one hour - my body hasn't adjusted yet and when I get up at 6am it still feels like 5 am! March has flown past and I haven't done any blogging - sorry! Here are some photos of the spring flowers in the back garden - I like the miniature types and once the flowers have gone over, I can't wait to chop off the leaves - even though I know I should leave them till they die back themselves! This week we've cut the grass back and front, I've weeded the borders and trimmed the edges in the back garden and made a start on the front garden. It took ages to rake up all the leaves and general debris of winter, but it's great to see the shrubs and the trees starting to bud. I'm sad to say that a few perennial plants don't look as if they have survived the winter, maybe the odd severe frost has killed them off. The back garden gets more sunshine, so everything is much more advanced, for example, there are flower buds on all of the clematis - let's wait and see if they survive the snow showers that the Met Office have predicted for the coming weekend.A beautiful Spring day - wall to wall sunshine and blue, blue sky

Beautiful deep pink tulips in my tubs - they look red in the photo, but honestly, they are very dark pink. Andrea's favourite flowers.

We've had some very nice sunny, mild days and also some very stormy, windy, wet and freezing cold days - from one extreme to another. Flowers blooming are winter pansies, various colours of primroses, wallflowers, daffodils, tulips, aubretia and even the odd flower on the patio roses.

2 comments: said...

Gosh! look at your garden. Looks fantastic. How I wish I have like yours. As of now, am packing hysterically coz we're moving in 2 weeks.

Hope you have a wonderful sunday and hope you drop by at my blogs too.

Curtis said...

How awesome does your garden look. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.