Friday, 22 February 2008

......... on a cold and frosty morning!

We've enjoyed some beautifully sunny days with clear blue skies, but the overnight frosts have been very thick - but very pretty. These are photographs taken during the past week are of plants in my garden, early morning before the sun melted the frost.

Frost so thick, it almost looks like snow

Isn't he cute? This little squirrel was photographed in the rose garden in Saltwell Park, Gateshead - it helped that other visitors were encouraging their grandchildren to scatter peanuts to attract the family of squirrels.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Is it Spring?

Blue sky, sunshine, hardly a breeze - and 14 Deg C - it feels like Spring today! I spent an hour yesterday and a couple of hours today tidying up the garden and checking to see what was beginning to grow. In fact, it felt so warm, a bee was having a feast on a pink hyacinth!

Leaves appearing on the clematis by the back door

White Primroses

It's amazing where all of the rubbish comes from!

Pansies still giving plenty of flowers

Small leaves and buds on the pink hydrangea

This little patch seems to be doing OK

The back of the garden

Friday, 1 February 2008

February comes in with a bang .....

As January drew to a close, we have been battered by severe gales and to-day the North East of England suffered heavy and prolonged snowfall. In fact, over towards the West on high ground the news were reporting that motorists were trapped in their cars and had to be rescued, and in several towns and villages primary schools were closed. We have been warned that temperatures will drop to at least minus 5C tonight and snow and slush will freeze, causing more problems!

I am pleased to say that as far as we can see, the only damage we've had has been to the bird feeders which were smashed as they were hurled around the garden - the bird table, wooden benches and chairs etc were blown about the lawn but no tiles have come off the roof. I stayed indoors today and baked bread, teacakes and sticky buns - I would have included a picture of the sticky, spicy, fruited enriched bread goodies, but all of which were demolished by my family before 6.0pm
The heathers in my garden are beginning to colour up beautifully, it won't be long before they are a blaze of colour. Last Sunday we had a fine, sunny but cold day after three days of gale force winds and I took a few photos to show that even with all this bad weather, there are still beautiful things to look at

Pink wallflowers

Wind blowing through the bare trees in a lane near us - honestly, the branches were being lashed by the gale but this is the best photo I got!

Shrub in my garden - notice the fat little buds! Can't remember it's name, sorry

There seems to be an abundance of mole hills near where we live, thankfully, there are none in my garden - yet! I did have a mole in my garden a few years ago, and it caused havoc

Snowdrops in a neighbours gardenSpring is on the way - my daffodils have buds
Even the daisies are popping up in the grass

Despite the atrocious gales, snow and frosts, see how my little yellow patio rose has buds ready to open!

When the weather is bad, I always feel like being in the kitchen and baking - this lemon meringue pie I made on Wednesday was mouthwateringly good, even if I say so myself - there wasn't a scrap left by bedtime - whatever happened to our new year diet?