Saturday, 1 September 2007

September in the garden...

Hello, September has arrived. The last few months has been declared as officially the wettest summer since records began in the UK, typical that now it is September the sun is shining!
This is Andrea again, recording the events in our garden. Mam has been in hospital for a small operation, she's back home and recovering now but obviously no gardening or computing for a while so I'll be in charge of the blog for a little while :)

Our free sunflowers thanks to the birds, they very kindly dropped seeds from the bird table directly into our patio pots!

This is our new clematis that we bought in the market in Hexham a few weeks ago, my Dad finally got around to putting up a new piece of trellis for it to grow up - poor thing has been struggling to stay upright in the horrible weather we've been having lately.

Before Mam went into hospital we had an adventure in my mini cooper to Harrogate to visit the RHS garden, Harlow Carr. We spent a lovely afternoon with the added luxury of sunshine and a cake from Betty's teashop.

Then, after we had walked around the gardens we popped into the plant nursery and bought an old fashioned rose called 'Mary Rose', it's pink with a beautiful old rose perfume. A blue geranium called Rozanne also jumped into our trolley as well as an Echinacea purpurea 'Maxima', we had admired all of these plants growing around the garden so the little mini car was packed to it's capacity on the journey home.

I'll pop back in soon to keep the garden blog updated, love from Andrea xx