Monday, 21 January 2008

Rain at breakfast, snow by lunchtime .....

It started off very wet this morning, but by lunchtime it poured with snow. I work at river level, but live on high ground - my lovely hubby managed to collect me at lunchtime but it took ages to get home as we got higher and higher! Traffic everywhere as Dunston Bank and Whickham Bank were closed due to the snow. Its forecast for minus 3 tonight, so if this lot doesn't turn back to rain and melt away, we're going to have a jolly old time getting to work in the morning! It's a long time since I've seen a snow plough clearing the roads, but we passed two on the way home from work. Here are a couple of photos of the garden, plus a very nice pigeon with a white tail who visited the bird table at the weekend. If anyone knows what kind of pigeon this is, please leave a comment.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Tiny conifers

The snow didn't last very long and it's all melted away - the sun is shining and it is a crisp, chilly day. I thought I would replant the pansy plants which the birds have pecked out in their search for insects and also plant the tiny conifer cuttings that someone gave to Andrea - I haven't a clue what they are, or how big they will grow, but it will be interesting to watch them develop. I'll take some photos from time to timeAll the Christmas china and decorations have been packed away for next year - even though the family said I was very mean - the tree and other decorations have been up since 1st December and were beginning to look dusty!
I like to look at my Spode 'Christmas Rose' tea set in the dresser, but am too nervous to actually use it - I must have been feeling flush when I bought this set - I certainly couldn't afford it now!
I have been collecting Spode 'Christmas Tree' tableware for about thirty years and have quite a collection now. It all comes out on 1st December and we use it every day until it is packed away for the next time

Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Winter Wonderland

We woke this morning to proper snow. To my fellow bloggers in Australia and New Zealand - don't you wish you could wake up to this?