Monday, 20 August 2007

Normal service will resume soon

Mam's shoulder is feeling a lot better and she'll be blogging again soon. Whilst she's not doing any gardening she's planning a huge list of jobs for us all to do!

I've popped on to share some photographs of our garden visitor who arrived yesterday.

Although we get lots of birds in our garden we've never had a squirrel in this garden, he caused quite a stir when he arrived.
Love from Andrea x

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Service Temporarily Suspended...

Service Temporarily Suspended... whilst Mam recovers from damaged muscles in her shoulder. She has her arm in a sling so just as well it is raining as she can't garden anyway. This is Andrea updating the blog with some photographs that Mam took last week.

Hoping for a lovely sunflower - we didn't actually plant any sunflowers but we did feed the birds with sunflower seeds! The first marigolds.

The geraniums are doing very well.
The ivy is growing faster than the busy lizzies!

Also last week we had an adventure at Beamish Museum which is not far from where we live and is like stepping back in time. We had great fun riding on a tram, going back to school and buying sweeties in the olde sweetie shoppe. The most interesting place was the old co-operative store which brought back many memories for Mam from when she was a little girl and was sent on errands to buy butter by the quarter pound and sugar which was weighed out and packed in blue bags and of course a half pound of broken biscuits. Woe betide her if she forgot to giver her mothers store dividend number. Grown ups were always served before children so sometimes you had to queue for hours. I've pinched some of photographs from my blog but there are some more here.

Hopefully Mam will be back in blogdom soon!
Love from Andrea xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Italy 2007

We had a wonderful time in Italy - first week in Jesolo near Venice and the second week on Lake Garda at Riva. The weather was perfect, hot and sunny. We spent most of the time lazing by the pool relaxing - just what we needed.
Venetian Veg

Lake Garda

View from our hotel balcony
Riva del Garda
House in Malcesine
Italian Garden
Italian Ice Cream (of which we ate plenty!!)