Saturday, 9 February 2008

Is it Spring?

Blue sky, sunshine, hardly a breeze - and 14 Deg C - it feels like Spring today! I spent an hour yesterday and a couple of hours today tidying up the garden and checking to see what was beginning to grow. In fact, it felt so warm, a bee was having a feast on a pink hyacinth!

Leaves appearing on the clematis by the back door

White Primroses

It's amazing where all of the rubbish comes from!

Pansies still giving plenty of flowers

Small leaves and buds on the pink hydrangea

This little patch seems to be doing OK

The back of the garden


Curtis said...

Looks like everything is greening up and looking good Mary.

jaki said...

Oh certainly does look like Spring is on the way :)

Annie said...

I love your rock wall at the back and I just LOVE the smell of hyacinths!

Annie said...

I too am always amazed with our upside down aspect of gardening and seasons. It's hard to believe. We have been melting lately with 30 plus degree days. My garden has been suffering, but I woke this morning to the gentle patter of rain on the roof which made me smile and be happy.