Friday, 22 February 2008

......... on a cold and frosty morning!

We've enjoyed some beautifully sunny days with clear blue skies, but the overnight frosts have been very thick - but very pretty. These are photographs taken during the past week are of plants in my garden, early morning before the sun melted the frost.

Frost so thick, it almost looks like snow

Isn't he cute? This little squirrel was photographed in the rose garden in Saltwell Park, Gateshead - it helped that other visitors were encouraging their grandchildren to scatter peanuts to attract the family of squirrels.


Curtis said...

Hi Mary, even though the frost hurts the plants. It is prety.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, frosty pics Mary! Wow, so you guys over in England have flowers and greenery already. You must have a shorter winter season then we do. March and April are probably our toughest months here in Maine because everyone else in the USA have daffodils, etc. and we're still bracing for the possible late spring snow storm.

Piondröm said...

Hi Mary!
Yes the frost is bouth beautiful and can do big dammiage.
We are glad that we live in the swedish hailands beacouse the plant has not comes so long here than they have on the cost.
I have heard from my gardenfrends there that they have some problems now, bouth with the weather and whith wild animals who begin to eat everything the can get over.

jaki said...

Hi Mary,
I hope you are ok with the awful storms that have been around the last couple of days.
Fingers crossed that you didn't get any damage from it!

We are heading over to the UK at Easter so could you order some nice weather for us please ;)

Catherine said...

Breathtaking frost captures!!
Happy Spring!

Andrea said...

Hello!! Are you ever going to update your blog? Has your garden fallen off the edge of the world - only joking!! xx Andrea