Sunday, 6 April 2008

April (snow) showers

Was it only a few days ago that I was cutting the grass because the weather was so warm and dry and the leaves were budding on the trees? Well, that all changed today, it has snowed all afternoon and forecast for minus 1 tonight! Here are a few pictures of the snow


Wild Rose said...

Hi Mary

I know that you don't really want to see snow in April, but your garden does look lovely!

I called my sister in Bradford yesterday and she told me that it had been snowing. I hope that you soon see a return to more seasonal weather.

I love your blog! Your garden is so pretty.

Marie x

Mia said...

Oh dear.... so you got snow too! I find it hard to believe after having seen the beautiful spring photos from your garden in your previous post. But I do find it a bit comforting too, since I am nearly loosing my trust in the spring weather here, to find out that we are indeed not the only ones having a cold April. I am so longing to go out into my garden, to start digging, planting and sowing, but will just have to wait... huh!

Pikiteniang Swefil said...

OHHH!!! the snow kills the nice flowers you have. Hope they make it.

Thanks for coming by and hope it's ok for you that i link your blogg so, i can visit you often.

Have a nice evening to both of you,

Piondröm said...

Merry Christmas!
Here in Sweden we have spring!
I shall not make fun of you, beacouse we maby have snow here soon to, you never now these days.
Regards Ken

Annie said...

Wow Mary, that is amazing to see. We never get that much snow here - maybe one fall each year and never much. You garden looks so pretty in white.

Tammy said...

Oh no! I am sending you sunny thoughts! our flowers are lovely.


x Sue said...

Hi Mary

Got very similar photos from Corrie in London and mum in Leicester! Looks like the snow hit everywhere! We've had heavy rain and bad storms over the past couple of days.

x Sue